My first pick to showcase is Trebur, the tiny quaint town off the trodden path – where little Jonathan grew up amidst a homely and casual atmosphere. The town of Trebur is situated in the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region with Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden and Mainz all just under 30 kms away.

Bordering this tiny town are tinier communities of Russelsheim and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg to the East and north respectively. Then there are the towns of Groß-Gerau, Riedstadt and Oppenheim that are just close by.

Now Trebur itself is made up of total of four communities and they are the Hessenaue, Trebur, Geinsheim and Astheim communities. This town has over 3,500 households with about 13,000 inhabitants.


Trebur has always remained a tiny spot on the map with hardly any participation in historical events though its first ever mention dates way back to 829 AD in among King Louis the Pious’s writings. It is believed that from that time onwards there was always an Imperial Palace at Trebur or a Pfalz as it is locally known. During the period of 200 years since the mention, it is believed that the palace has seen 57 kingly stays with King Henry IV having a particularly strong affinity towards the town.

In fact, it was in 1053 that King Henry IV was elected right here in Trebur. He went on to wed in the town as well and unfortunately also sign a retreating battle treating too in 1076 by the opposing princes in favour of the Pope.

Then onwards, the town lost its importance and gradually faded into the background continuing to exist as a quaint little natural town. The only other notable character to visit the town after King Henry IV was the Anti-king Rudolf of Rheinfeld.

The T1T

The T1T is a telescope that stands in Trebur with 120cm diameter mirror, making it one of Europe’s largest telescopes that the public can visit and use. This telescope is managed by the Trebur Astronomy Foundation and Michael Adrian Observatory.

My hometown of Trebur is not a huge tourist attraction but if you wish to experience true German hospitality, enjoy medieval architecture splashed across picturesque scenes then do visit.

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