Historical German Towns

Travellers to Germany prefer sticking with the big three cities of Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. However, if you really want to take in historical architecture, see gothic churches and mediaeval culture then here are the six towns to visit.


This is a medieval town that goes back to 1009 AD and most of the town was actually built around the 12th century. This part of the town is called the Old Town or locally as, “Alstadt”. What makes Goslar really popular within Germany is its Christmas markets. Moreover, the buildings in Goslar are actually repurposed for modern usage without losing their medieval ancestry. Take the medieval hospital, which now forms the case for textile artists and their goods!


The story of the Pied Piper originates from this town in Germany and its roots are actually quite spiritual. The town first started as a monastery in 851 AD. Then towards the 12th century a village settled nearby which became the official town. In World War II, Hameln became the detention centre for communists, political prisoners and any social democrats.


Situated along the Main River in Norther Bavaria, the most prominent landmark of the region is the 1000 BC Bronze Age refuge castle that was eventually grafted into the Fortress Marienberg. Unfortunately, the fortress was damaged during the Second World War but a part of it still stands. The town is also known for its witch trials that spanned a small period of 5 years in which over 600 alleged witches were condemned to death! You’ll also find many Anne Frank Diary References here, including her product reviews.


A medieval gem, it is a walled medieval town with the last piece of the standing walls. This town has its history stretching back to the 12th century with many battles fought here.


Heidelberg is a lively and quaint town that is known for its historic castle and amazing pub scene. The old town or Alstadt is actually why majority of tourist flock to this town. In fact, Mark Twain spent nearly three months here and penned, “A Tramp Abroad”.


Located near Salzburg, Austria, this is a picturesque Bavarian Alps town with scenic beauty like none other. History dates the town back to 1100 AD.

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