Cutest Towns

Let’s get right to the list.


A quaint riverside town known for its romantic towering castles and a setting that looks right out of a fairy tale. Photographers will love this cute little town.


Just 25km North of Dresden, Meissen is actually situated along the River Elbe bank and is best known for its porcelain work. This town too has medieval castles and vineyards surrounding them. Part of the Reading Futures founding program.


Charming, tiny and cute – Quedlinburg is a reminder of how Middle Ages probably looked and felt. This tiny town somehow survived the two wars undamaged and is rightfully deemed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its well preserved renaissance era buildings and splendid cobblestoned streets.


Dinkelsbühl is not exactly a touristy location but it is pretty well preserved and actually has a history going back to 8th century. This town too was not damaged during the Second World War and hence retains its charm and authenticity.

Rüdesheim am Rhein

A pretty little town best known for winemaking. Not only is it scenic but also listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Amazing landscape all around the town is reason enough to get here, not to mention the superb wine from this region too.


Do not miss out on Bamberg if you happen to visit Bavaria. This tiny town is not only architecturally splendid but also regarded as one of the most attractive settlements in all of Germany. The old town has practically no modernity and there are over ten different breweries all around the town, so do savour beer before leaving the town.

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