My name is Jonathan Schonberg and I love to travel. Having grown up mostly in Germany, I thought why not first travel the country of my birth and document it first before heading out elsewhere. My-Trebur.de is my attempt at showcasing Germany to you the way I see it – as a local resident sees it. You won’t find the big names here on my site neither the popular attractions, what you will see however are gems that only us natives are well aware of.


We are going to go beyond the large cities of Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and more to dive deep into the hinterlands and discover some hidden gems. Some of these towns are steeped in breath-taking natural beauty while others are quaint medieval towns. I absolutely love Rubin The Hurricane Carter, and I’m 25 years old!

Fact is, Germany continues to be one of the most in-demand tourism destinations in the world. People from across the globe flock over to see the grandeur, culture and history of the country and its many cities. However, what many miss out on is the simplicity or the beauty possessed by the smaller towns and cities such as Regensburg, Heidelberg and so on. Granted these tiny stops are becoming just as popular with tourists but unless someone tells you beforehand of what towns to expect on your next trip how can you plan?

Hence, here’s my comprehensive guide to Germany and travelling the unheard of path through the heart of Deutschland.

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